Longest PET Bottle Washing Line Best in-class sorters Production capacity of 54,000 tonnes per annum Leading rPET Flakes Manufacturer of India Meeting International Quality Standards Recycling 7 Million PET Bottles every day State of the Art Facility for Exports Quality Certifications/R&D/Robust Processing ETP and R.O. plant for 100% recycling of processed water to Zero Liquid Discharge

Kundana Techno Tex Pvt. Ltd.

Kundana Techno Tex is our new manufacturing facility set up in Hyderabad, Telangana which complies with all Government norms. The unit has been eyed with opportunities in terms of geographical advantages, ease of raw materials, and availability of manpower. Our facility has very high standards for campus and worker’s hygiene. This legally compliant facility has been set up to produce high-quality PET flakes by recycling another 7 million PET bottles per day, thus making the total recycling capacity of group as 11.5 million PET bottles per day and saving the environment from a notable amount of landfilling of plastics waste. Our products can easily boast of impeccable quality.

The company’s production capacity currently stands at 54,000 tonnes per annum. Our wash line is designed for minimum water consumption and we take pride in being a Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) facility.

The company is proud to be home to India’s first single, longest and biggest PET wash line with an intake capacity of 6.5 tonnes/hour. It has a 5-stage sorter to purify input to separate PET and Non-PET, Flakes sorter for separating colored and natural flakes & polymer sorting and an eddy current separator to separate ferrous/non-ferrous materials with auto-weighing systems at all stages to monitor online performance.

Endowed with the capability to meet the diverse needs of users, industry and wide range of other applications, we assure you of impeccable product quality, on-time supplies and prompt service.

Why Choose

Kundana Techno Tex Pvt. Ltd.

Our production capacity currently stands at 54,000 tonnes per annum. We take pride in being a Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) facility.

Longest and biggest PET Wash Line.

5-stage sorters to sort PET and non-PET.

Great connectivity with nearby seaports and an airport within 40 kms.

Manufacturing facilities for POY / FDY / DTY.

Kundana’s USP

The unit has been eyed with opportunities in terms of locational advantages, ease of Raw material, Commercial and human advantages and attractive policies & subsidies as described next.

Plant set up being done guided by in support from government of Telangana.

Abundant availability of PET scrap in the region.

Proximity to South Indian Markets and export market of other countries.

Great Industrial atmosphere in the state and abundant manpower availability to ensure smooth operations.

Company Statistics

,000 TPY
rPET Flakes Capacity
Sprawling manufacturing facility
POY/DTY/FDY Upcoming Product
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